Dragonaire has 60+ dragons to discover, each with unique abilities.

All dragons of Dragonaire are on blockchain for true ownership, which can be sold or auctioned freely.


Developing your dragon is achieved through training and evolution. Stronger equipment and higher levels can improve the capability of dragons.


Developing your dragon population is done through training and evolving.

Stronger equipment and higher levels can improve the ability of the dragons.


Welcome to an era where gold is flowing. Venture deep in the hidden maze and discover the treasure of ancient dragon! Go deeper for more gold or gems.


Build up your unique team to battle global dragon trainers in the ARENA! Choose your dragon combination and enter combat mode. Climb the Leader board for the best rewards!


Build up your unique team to battle global dragon trainers in the ARENA! Choose your dragon combination and enter combat mode. Climb the Leader board for the best rewards!

Dragon NFTs

Dragons are our currently valuable NFT assets and core elements in the Dragonaire ecosystem. There are over 60 dragons in the game, which have 3 forms to evolve into 180 kinds of dragons with different unique looks.

Dragon NFT








              Dragonaire is an epoch-making immersive 3D encrypted Web3.0 NFT collection on-chain game, which derived from the traditional gaming industry while strategically and organically injected with native blockchain genes for all kinds of users to enjoy at this unified metaverse, namely traditional gamers, P2E crypto hunters, GAFT guilds, NFT collectors and artists, and DeFi Players.

              As a brand-new revolutionary AAA-class fantasy adventure blockchain game, Dragonaire will also be the first and foremost "No Threshold" P2E GameFi project founded on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

              Game Features:
              I: Extraordinary Content and Playability
              II: Ten Million Dollar Masterpiece
              III: Millions of Supporting Fans
              IV: Novel, Durable, and Stable Tokenomics
              V: Original and Pattern-breaking Operation Mode
              VI: Superb Gaming Experience
              VII: Asset Appreciation in Dino Game’s Metaverse

              PLAY NOW
              2021Q4 | DONE
              2021.11: Dragonaire Program Official Set-up
              2021.12: Grand Presentation of Dragonaire Official Communities Matrix
              2022Q1 | DONE
              2022.01:Completion of Dragonaire Concept Posters and Dragonaire NFTs UI Design
              2022.02:Official website V1.0 launch
              2022.03:Release Whitepaper V1.0
              2022.03:Completion of the Beta Ver. of Game
              2022Q2 | DONE
              2022.04: Official Website V2.0 launch
              2022.04: Release Whitepaper V2.0
              2022.04: Begin community activities
              2022.04: Complete relevant personnel of community operations
              2022.05: Beta Ver. Game testing
              2022.05: Series of Themed Co-events/AMAs
              2022Q2 | PROCEEDING
              2022.06: Beta Ver.2 Game Beta Test
              2022.06: IDO (Token $DEAR) Preparation
              2022.06: Genesis Airdrop Preparation
              2022.06: NFT Pre-sale Preparation
              2022.06: Optimize User Experience of Marketplace (based on 2nd beta test)
              2022.06: Optimize Game Data (based on 2nd beta test)
              2022.06: Optimize Economic Data (based on 2nd beta test)
              2022Q3-Q4 | GOING TO DO
              2022.07: Grand launch of NFT Pre-sale
              2022.07: IDO (Token $DEAR) Launch
              2022.07: Genesis Airdrop Launch
              2022.07: Liquidity pool setting up
              2022.07: Dragonaire game V1.0 launch
              2022.07: Launch Token $DES pool, Token $DEAR staking, DAO Treasury
              2022.08: "Global Ambassador Summon" Campaign
              2022.08: Second Trench of Token and Special ed. DragonaireNFTs Airdrop
              2022.08: Launch Dragonaire Game v2.0
              2022.08: First competitive Dragonaire tournament (eSport)
              2022Q3-Q4 | GOING TO DO
              Dragonaire Game v3.0 launch: initiate guild war system, tournament season start
              Launch GameFi ver. Steam: Web3 Game Universe Platform run by DAO, complete VC fundraising
              Launch the second Web3 Universe game: a RPG+SLG game with Well-known IP
              Inject new GameFi energy: keep bringing in and educating traditional gamers
              Integrating with Other Famous GameFi Projects to Co-create the Marvelous Crypto-world STEAM Metaverse Ecosystem

              TEAM MEMBERS

              Josh Liberman

              The Managing Partner of Delphi Digital, with 5yrs+ blockchain venture experiences.

              Suji Wilson

              The Marketing Lead of the Mask Network and Kucoin Labs, with dedication in Metaverse and GaFi marketing and operations.

              Hwang Hong-min

              Worked in some well-known game companies in the traditional game industry for 12+ years, and has released more than 100 games. Experienced in user growth, accumulatively acquired more than 200 million users.


              The Initial Advisor of NFT Vision Hack Pioneer with 20 years experience in the traditional gaming industry and has led 15+ successful projects which are listed in the top grossing rank.

              Lin Chen

              With 8+ years of work experience as an operation director in the mobile game industry, he is proficient in data analysis & numerical setting, undertakes the responsibility for the construction of economic system. In charge of 5+ projects with a total revenue of 30+ million dollars.

              Tri Pham

              Co-founder of Pixel+ Protocol, 47 DAO and Impossible Finance, with 3 successful Binance-listed and promoted GameFi projects advisory background.